To be honest, we’re not trying to compete with everyone and be... just another dive centre. We feel that there is room for each dive centre to offer something to the industry and then allow you, the customer, to chose what is best for your diving needs.

We have been asked many times by divers, “Why should I choose you?” That is a very good question. Our answer would be; you shouldn’t, unless what we offer is right for you and meets your needs and aspirations as a recreational diver, tec diver or instructor. If another dive centre is a better fit for you, then we would be happy to see you dive with them and enjoy seeing you at one of the many dive sites around Gozo.

Our teaching methods and training focus are both unique and different. Our focus is on you, the diver. It is on supporting you to become a safe and effective diver by concentrating on progressively building knowledge and skills around; your equipment, the skills requirements for your diver level and the ability to plan and safely execute dives according to your training and experience. We really do care that you become a good and safe diver and we care about the standard of service and education that we give you. Of course, this level of service comes at a price, but your safety comes first, and it is ultimately up to you whether you choose to make this level of investment in yourself and your diving.

So what makes us different to other dive centres?

  1. More than 25 years experience in diving and operating recreational and technical dive centres around the world.
  2. Our instructors are recognised as some of the best in the world and have contributed to the development of many agency courses and course materials.
  3. Our instructors are carefully chosen and mentored. All instructors are customer focused, experienced and tec certified to a minimum of cave diver level.
  4. We offer personal attention meaning limited numbers on both courses and guided dives:
    • Courses - max 3 students
    • Guided Dives - max 4 divers
  5. Our customers become our friends. You are not just a number here, you are a fellow diver.
  6. Our courses focus on building the foundations of a safe and effective diver:
    • Equipment knowledge and setup
    • Buoyancy control, stability and trim
    • Skill development
    • Dive safety, planning and execution
  7. We concentrate on skill development over just certification. Skills can be repeated as many times as necessary until mastered.
  8. Video is used as a teaching tool for debriefing each session. The video is yours to keep.
  9. We will freely offer you advice and support, not just push you into a course you don't need.
  10. We are adaptable and listen to you, that's why divers come back to us.
  11. We have an emphasis on safety:
    • If the conditions are not right, we don't dive
    • Any diver can call a dive at any time, for any reason, even your instructor
    • Full dive plans are created and followed for each dive
    • Max instructor/student ratio of 1:3 and guide/diver ratio of 1:4, less if conditions dictate
    • Oxygen and first aid kits are carried for every dive
  12. We take a flexible approach to each dive. You won't be hurried or made to feel you are holding the group up.
  13. We know Gozo, when and where to dive, and which sites will give you the best possible experience.
  14. We invest in our own training. All instructors undertake annual training to build our skills, experience and be up to date with the latest teaching standards and techniques.
  15. We focus on quality in everything we do:
    • State of the art filling station with rigorous maintenance and air quality testing on our compressors.
    • High end, quality equipment that is changed every year.
    • Superb instructor role models
    • Video analysis and feedback on all training dives

That’s who we are, what we’re offering and how we’re different. We sincerely hope that you come and experience what we have to offer.